Fitness both inside & out go hand and hand with pageants.  Exercise and eating right help your body physically and psychologically.  Finding the right fitness coach for you in New England to get you bikini ready is right here!

Looking for a nutrition coach? Some fitness coaches are nutrition coaches as well.  Ask your personal fitness coach if they can help you or direct you to a colleague of theirs.  Eating healthy can help you maintain that toned body for your on stage appearance, and it can help your brain articulate questions & answers during your interview process.


Body Ambition Fitness

Janelle has advanced to the PRO rankings and is currently a WBFF Fit Model PRO. In the past she was also the 2007 ESPN Bikini America Short Class World Champion. She is an ACE certified personal trainer and has excelled in the fitness industry as a spokesperson for health and fitness because of her passion for an abundant and healthy lifestyle.

Suite Pilates

At the Suite, your practices will take you from mat , cardio, barre, and equipment! Offering small individualized classes allow us to focus on your performance for maximum improvement. No matter what fitness level you are currently at, we will meet you where you are and help get you where you want to be, all in a fun and fantastic environment. Our success is based on a firm belief that the clients drive the business, and we promote camaraderie and personal guidance in every class.