The way you have your hair styled for Pageant or Prom should always compliment not only the shape of your face, but the dress you are wearing.  If it is a one-shoulder dress, wear your hair to the opposite side.  If it is an open back, wear your hair in an up-do.  If you want to have “convertible” hair, meaning able to wear up for one outfit, then let down with ease for another dress change, be sure to voice that to your hair stylist.  A trial visit may be needed and is always recommended prior to big events.


The makeup you chose should always compliment your face shape as well as highlight your features.  Do you have prominent cheek bones? Contour & highlight them with the proper color and shading.  Thin lips?  Use lip liner and fill in and gloss to seem plumper.  Want your eyes to appear bigger?  Contour with eyeliner and have eyelash extensions put on in advance, and then shade with eye shadows that compliment your dress.  Having a makeup artist do your makeup for you or train you how to do it yourself is essential.  Do not wait, schedule a trial appointment in advance and educate yourself on how much make is “too much”.  It may look like a lot of makeup to you in the mirror, but know that when you are on stage under those bright lights, your makeup needs to be seen!


At last, the dress.  The dress you choose for your Prom or Pageant will be remembered forever.  The amount of photos taken in the dress will follow you throughout your life,  make sure it is the “right dress”!  This dress is the second best dress you will ever wear after your “one day” wedding dress.  Make this dress the one that not only looks the best on you, but fits you and is comfortable to move in.  Dancing is a must at prom, so you have to test that out in the store!  If it is your pageant gown, judges don’t want to see you tugging and fidgeting with your dress and constantly pulling it up if it is strapless.  Proper alterations always ensure a perfect fit!  Follow the latest trends and designer as well as colors, they are always changing!


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