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pageantsSwim Suits

Although not all pageant systems have a swim suit category, most of the “Miss” & “Mrs.” competitions do.  No matter what the system may be, USA, America, International, etc., if it has a swim suit category, no need to worry!

Woman Singing Talent

Not all pageant systems require a talent.  Mostly the younger pageant girls from ages 5-20 will have to showcase their talents and abilities instead of a swim suit.


Fashion runway is the new “swim suit” for the junior high, high school and colligate pageant systems.  They require young girls to pick an outfit of choice, and strut their stuff on the runway.  This attire may be anything from the spiced up sports jersey with style, to a glam cocktail dress, to the latest trends in fashion for school.  No matter what it may be, these girls are encouraged to use their fashion flare to express who they are and what they like, and most of all… they strut!


Keeping your fitness and health is always a priority.  A healthy body helps keep a healthy mind.  It is important to pay attention to nutrition and eat healthy and work out to keep in shape.  We are not saying you need to be a body builder or hard core weight lifter, not at all!!  We encourage girls to take pride in themselves, and no matter if you are a size 0 or a size 16, working out not only makes you toned and shaped, but it makes you feel beautiful in your own skin.  Eating healthy goes hand in hand with that frame of thinking.


All pageant systems have an interview process.  Younger ages have on stage questions, but teens and up all have a separate interview question process.  These questions are mainly based from your Bio sheet you filled out to enter the pageant. The judges are looking for your answers to be elaborated on and they are watching how you sit/stand- your confidence, how you speak-intelectual, if you smile-always be happy, and what you are wearing-must be professional glam.


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