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A resource, a tool, a guide, the bible for all things pageant or fitness!

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Poise New England Pageant & Fitness Magazine

Poise New England is not just a magazine. It is a resource, a tool, a guide, the bible for all things pageant, prom, and NOW fitness! Ads from reputable pageant professionals to give you options on where to buy a dress, where to find a particular dress designer, where to get the shoes you have been looking for, just the right accessories to go with your ensemble, who can help clear up your blemished skin, then do your makeup perfectly, hair styles and trends and who can do them for you, fitness coaches and facilities to help you get into better shape, where to go to get your spray or bake tan, who is recommended for any cosmetic services if desired, and who to call for your head shots and photo shoots for your autograph cards and sponsorship pages.


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