Fashion runway is the new “swim suit” for the junior high, high school and colligate pageant systems.  They require young girls to pick an outfit of choice, and strut their stuff on the runway.  This attire may be anything from the spiced up sports jersey with style, to a glam cocktail dress, to the latest trends in fashion for school.  No matter what it may be, these girls are encouraged to use their fashion flare to express who they are and what they like, and most of all…..how they strut!  Your outfit not only has to stand out, but it is all about how you carry it on the runway.  Always be sure that the shoes you wear with your outfit allows you to walk comfortably and confidently, no one wants to see you stumble.  You need to work that outfit, don’t just wear it!  Most of all, make sure you always have Sparkle and Shine!!